State Department: We support Open Balkans in line with EU rules and standards

The United States strongly supports the continued efforts of the Western Balkans to deepen and comprehensively strengthen regional economic integration, in line with EU rules and standards. a State Department spokesman told Top Channel.

Asked about the US position on the “Open Balkans” initiative, accepted by Albania, Serbia and Northern Macedonia and viewed with skepticism by Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the spokesman said the US encouraged leaders in the region “to try to find opportunities to reduce trade barriers, increase economic competitiveness and build integrated, dynamic economies at the service of their citizens ”.

The US Government in its response to the Top Channel specifically emphasizes the importance of the four principles on which the “Open Balkans” is built, promoted by Albanian and Macedonian Prime Ministers Edi Rama and Zoran Zaev, and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

The creation of a “Common Regional Market”, a common regional market that guarantees the free movement of people, goods, capital and services, is essential for attracting investment and economic growth.

“The Western Balkans is a region with great untapped potential, which is reflected in the vision and efforts of its peoples to create a prosperous and successful region, fully integrated into the European Union,” a State Department spokesman told Top Channel.

Earlier, according to Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, the German government backed the Open Balkans initiative and demanded the immediate signing of agreements on a common regional market ahead of the EU-Balkans Summit on October 6th.