MOH: None vaccinated among the dead from Covid-19 last week

The Ministry of Health starts with regular analyzes on a weekly basis, which will be published every Friday in the public, and refers to the percentage of vaccinated among the positive cases and deaths of covid-19 in the country. In this analysis, vaccinated are considered persons who have been vaccinated with two doses and at least 14 days have passed since receiving the second dose of vaccine.

In the period from 6.8 to 12.8.2021 on the territory of the country 3497 citizens are positive from tested, of which 450 were fully vaccinated, ie only 12,8%. A large percentage, as many as 87,1% or 3047 citizens of the positive Covid 19 were not vaccinated. Mortality in the unvaccinated is 100%, the analysis shows. In a period of one week on the territory of the country, 25 people died with Covid 19, none of them was vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health points out the importance of vaccination, every vaccine we have available is safe, reduces the chance of disease, prevents severe disease and protects against death. The Ministry of Health appeals to the citizens to be vaccinated, only in this way we will achieve collective immunity and we will prevent the spread of SarsKov2 mutations.