Lizzo’s braids in ‘Rumors’ are ‘literally the longest in the world’; see videos

Making a music video is not an easy task. It takes weeks to conceptualise and then shoot the song. The artistes, too, have to invest their time and energy to make sure the product is of quality. But what Lizzo has pulled — a gravity-defying stunt for her single ‘Rumors‘ with rapper Cardi B — is commendable.

Besides the song itself, the looks are breaking records everywhere. One for Cardi B’s decision to star in it in all her pregnancy glory, and two, for the insanely-long braid that Lizzo wore in the video.

The behind-the-scenes videos shared on social media indicated that the musician’s braids measured up to be a whopping 43.5 feet long and required four persons to carry!

Lizzo herself shared a video, writing in the caption: “BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE 43 AND A HALF FOOT BRAIDS I HAD IN ‘RUMORS’— LITERALLY THE LONGEST BRAIDS IN THE WORLD ASK @guinnessworldrecords !!!! Hair by @theshelbyswain (Sic)”

In it, she could be seen stepping out of her trailer-van with four persons behind her, helping her with her long braid. The braids were created by celebrity hairstylist Shelby Swain. It took 80 hours to make and install.

Also posting the clip on her Instagram, Swain wrote that the team used 400 packs of Kanekalon — a type of synthetic hair — and 17 of Los Angeles’ “finest braiders”.

“I’m so thankful to be able to create for an artist who believes in my artistry, my ability to deliver and my vision (sic),” she wrote.

This braid of Lizzo’s is surely on its way to make a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest braid.

In another video taken by Cardi B, Lizzo was seen sitting on a chair with the braids hanging around a bar on a wall behind her. “This sht is heavy. How the f*k are you going to drag this around?” she was heard asking her co-star.

Needless to say, she not only carried it, but also did a fabulous job while at it!