Kosovo Government approves request on granting temporary shelter to Afghan refugees

The Government of Kosovo during a meeting on Monday has approved the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for granting temporary and immediate protection to Afghan refugees, who are in the process of application for US Special Immigrant Visas. Prime Minister Albin Kurti addressing media on Tuesday said that for more than a month now Kosovo authorities in coordination with the US are preparing sheltering a group of Afghan refugees.

The Government said in a statement that these persons will be subject to the vetting process by relevant security institutions. “Persons under protection, according to the Government’s decision, during their stay in the Republic of Kosovo shall act in accordance with the legislation in force and shall enjoy the rights defined by the Law on Asylum,” the Government said in a press release.

Prime Minister Kurti said that cooperation and helping US is the least Kosovo can do. “For more than a month now the Government was in regular contact with the US to prepare sheltering and protection of a number of refugees,” Kurti said.
“The US is our irreplicable ally, and in addition to the solidarity act the move has also the dimension of the alliance with the US. They have continuously supported us, and this is a small share of contribution we can give,” Kurti said adding that public opinion will be informed in due time on details of sheltering Afghan refugees.