Dr. Panovski: Schools will not be as strong a “bomb” as weddings and celebrations were

If they allowed indoor weddings, big celebrations and parties in various catering facilities and thus caused a catastrophe in the country, then I can say that the risk of spreading covid-19 in schools is not as great as the risk that was not calculated by the authorities. from the big “gatherings” and festivities, the consequences of which are already felt by the whole country and especially the health system. It is a disaster for children not to study for two years, but measures when taken should be well thought out and well implemented, says the microbiologist prof. Dr. Nikola Panovski in a statement for the portal MKD.mk.

Asked how it would be possible to organize physical education classes when 40 percent of teachers are not vaccinated and the percentage of children over 12 who are immunized against the coronavirus is negligible, Panovski said:

  • If you ask me about the health of children, they generally pass this disease easily, especially children under 15, but it will be a problem for them if according to the protocols, they have to wear masks at school all the time. But the main problem will be if the students transmit the disease at home, in adults, to father – mother, grandparents. The disease, of course, can be transmitted to unvaccinated teachers. However, I think schools will not be as strong a “bomb” as was the case with weddings and celebrations, says the microbiologist Panovski for MKD.mk.