All our featured citizens have been evacuated from Afghanistan

All the citizens have been evacuated from Afghanistan and at the moment we have no information about our citizens who are endangered or who need assistance for evacuation, stated today the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

According to the latest information from several sources, he pointed out, all citizens who have applied for evacuation and who have been identified as our citizens, have already left Kabul and are currently in several locations.

Most of them, over 30 of our citizens are located in Great Britain, over 20 citizens are Doha, Qatar, from where in the coming days they will be transported to European destinations. our citizens who are at the NATO base in Kabul yesterday left Afghanistan and are in Oslo, Norway, said Zaev in Jegunoc, where together with the Minister of Education, Science Milla Carovska and the Mayor of Jegunovce, Darko Blazeski participated in the inauguration of the sports hall in KFA “Aleksandar Zdravkovski”.

Zaev added that only those who are still performing their duties remain at the NATO base in Kabul, while their evacuation will be done according to the withdrawal plan from the base itself.