UNICEF welcomes the decision to start the school year with a physical presence

UNICEF welcomed the Government’s decision to open schools with physical presence for all students from 1 September.

Patricia Di Giovani, UNICEF Representative in the country for the media encourages such a decision of the Government and emphasizes that the risk of carrying Covid-19 in schools can be controlled with reinforced preventive measures and timely detection and isolation of cases and contacts of them.

“We understand that decisions to open schools are being considered in the context of the epidemiological situation with Kovid-19 and in our growing understanding of the dangers posed by new variants of the virus, but schools should always be closed last and open first, when this is safe. With the ambiguity at the outset of the pandemic, the transition to distance learning was necessary, but intended as a temporary measure, not a substitute for physical presence learning. Governments around the world very often close schools with physical presence for longer periods. School closures were often implemented as a first, not a last resort. In many cases, schools were closed, while cafes and restaurants remained open “, says Patricia Di Giovani.