There are nine active fires in the country, with the most critical point being Staro Nagoricane

There are nine active fires in the country, and the most critical point is the Municipality of Staro Nagoricane, near the village of Drenak. Three helicopters from Serbia, along with a Macedonian Army helicopter have been engaged in extinguishing the fire.

The second critical point is near Pehcevo, where an Army helicopter has been engaged.

There are also active fires near Valandovo, around the village of Konjuv, near Kumanovo, around the village Murasav in Kratovo, on Pletvar, near Prilep, and there is also another fire near Delcevo.

The fire in Kocani has been active for three days now, but as the director of the Crisis Management Center (CMC), Stojance Angelov, says, major human capacities are engaged there and it is under control.