MoH: Vaccination certification is becoming commonplace in many countries

The Ministry of Health announced that so far 30 cases of Kovid-19 delta have been detected in the country, which is spreading rapidly all over the world, in the region, so it is very likely that the same will happen in our place.

The delta type of Kovid-19, as noted, makes vaccination even more important, so a large number of citizens should be vaccinated in order to avoid “closing” again, curfew and the like.

Citizens must show high discipline, be vaccinated, to protect themselves, family, children, friends, colleagues at work. We are announcing the measures that will enter into force, we are not the only country that will impose measures, already many more restrictive measures have been applied in the countries of the region, Europe and the world. In an effort to maintain public health and control the rapid increase in the number of infected, which poses a risk of overloading health systems, more and more countries are imposing mandatory vaccination certificates for their citizens, for the uninterrupted use of the sites and public services, informed by the MoH.