Orce Kamchev offers 1.8m euros bail to get out of prison

Businessman Orce Kamchev has submitted a new bail to the court, demanding his release from detention in Shutka prison. The guarantee, as it is said, is around 1.8 million euros, reports Zhurnal.

As it is learned, the property is in the name of a relative of Kamchev, as they have previously offered property which is owned by the mother of the businessman, Ratka Kunovska Kamcheva, but the prosecution has given a negative opinion because his mother is also accused in the case “Plots in Vodno”.

“Now we have a new claim with a guarantee provided by the property of another member of the Kamchev family, who is not accused in the case,” said lawyer Elenko Milanov.

But, even the last offer apparently the Prosecution is not accepting.

“The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for the Prosecution of Organized Crime and Corruption has submitted a negative opinion regarding the guarantee proposal given by the person you asked about,” the prosecution told Fokus.

Now the Criminal Court will decide whether to accept the bail and allow Kamchev to defend himself at large, or even further stay behind bars.

Kamchev has so far offered several money guarantees to be released, but the prosecution has not agreed