New measures empty shopping malls, profit reduced by 40%

Covid new measures have completely weakened the business sector. Traders fully support the institutions’ efforts to deal with the virus, but consider those measures too harsh. They say that the shopping centers are almost empty, the number of visitors has decreased by 60% compared to last month, informs Zhurnal.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, shopping malls and shops, as well as brands, have fully implemented measures to fight the virus. Employees and visitors are constantly wearing masks, we have visitor restrictions in stores as well as remote signaling, disinfectant is used, all ventilation systems work continuously, disinfect. “Despite all these measures, measures for fully vaccinated persons or with only one dose can be entered, made us reduce the profit by 40%, which again we are facing a wave of economic decline of our brands”, say from Fashion Group.

City Mall has recorded huge losses in the last year and a half, since the beginning of the pandemic.

“In just one month, the revenues of the stores have decreased from 30 to 49%, exactly they have contributed more to continue working according to the protocols. “Maybe we should think of some eventual measure, more precisely visitors to closed facilities to enter only with a negative test, as is the case in some European countries”, say from City Mall.

From the business sector they say that in this way, the work in the shops is drastically reduced, and the closure of their businesses if it continues like this, is not excluded. Thus, they seek other ways to encourage citizens to be vaccinated or to allow at least negative tests at cheap prices.//