Greece to modernize firefighting fleet

Greece is spending €1.7 billion on modernizing its aerial firefighting capabilities, investing in several Viking Scooper aircraft and increasing the number of available SEAT aircraft and helicopters

The decision comes during the country’s fire season, which this year caused more damage than any years prior, and following criticism for a previous lack of investment.

“Even before the recent fires, it was within the plans we made to invest in and modernize the capabilities of the Civil Protection Authority,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of Greece.

Greece has receives help from nearby countries

During this year’s record fires, Greece received help from nearby Cyprus, France and Sweden who each sent two aircraft, Croatia and Spain who sent one aircraft with Switzerland and Egypt sending multiple helicopters along with Russia who supplied the not often seen IL-76 waterbombing aircraft.

The IL-76 was a military aircraft for many years and several have now been outfitted water bombers. Russia also sent several Mi-8 helicopters and the Beriev BE-200ES scooper aircraft.